Write a paragraph about nabawiya musa

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Write a paragraph about nabawiya musa

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write a paragraph about nabawiya musa

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When she became older she helped other women to succeed in education and work. In , she wrote a book about girls’ education. I did write a brief introduction but haven't written he conclusion.

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Irvin, ; Drury, ). How did the Hajj of Mansa Musa affect the financial system put in place by the Knights Templar? Mansa Musa was the richest man to ever live, and during his Hajj to Mecca inadvertently caused the value of gold to crash in the Middle East.

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1- Nabawiya Musa was the first Egyptian woman to go to high school. 2- Dr Zahi Hawass is a famous archaeologist who writes in a magazine called "Egypt Today". 3- Dr Zewail won the Benjamin Franklin Prize because he discovered the femtosecond in

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