Uwindsor thesis coordinator

Build on your knowledge and experience in direct or indirect social work practice and social welfare analysis, reflecting the interests, resources, population, and social conditions of Northern Ontario. Complete the program with a combination of coursework and a hour placement or a thesis project. Join us for an interactive online session that will describe program details, admission requirements and answer any questions you may have. How to Apply Key Features Classes are offered in four intensive day blocks developed for social workers employed in the field that enables practicing social workers to participate in graduate studies Students can complete the Master of Social Work program full-time over three semesters.

Uwindsor thesis coordinator

A new web site will be and up running before the end of March ! Check back for more information! May Kris Harris' latest collaborative project with the research group of Prof. Stephen Loeb Windsor is now online! Check out this neat article on metal organic frameworks constructed from supramolecular components, and the 2H NMR characterization of molecular motion in these systems: Robust Dynamics inside a Metal-Organic Framework.

This work is also featured on the cover of the June edition. A new paper describing a different collaboration with Prof. Chuck Macdonald Windsor is also now online. Experimental and computational insights into the stabilization of low-valent main group elements using crown ethers and related ligands.

Visit our departmental NMR website for more information. We are expecting a low-gamma static probe to be delivered at some time during the summer.

Marcel Hildebrand successfully defended his M. We have an outstanding list of speakers thus far, and will be taking submissions for oral and poster presentations in the very near future! Deadline for consideration for an oral presentation is May 1,and registration is opwwen right now!

Hope to see you this summer in Colorado! The NMRS committee and local organizers did a great job in putting together an excellent meeting. It was very nice to run into some old friends, and make a lot of new ones as well, as well as to learn much about the vibrant NMR community in India.

After the meeting, I visited the research group of P. Madhu at the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research in Mumbai, and had a very good visit there as well, with excellent hospitality.

Finally, please check out my review article on ultra-wideline solid-state NMR in the latest edition of the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance: I have been on the road quite a bit this year.

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I also spent a month in France, with my home base at Lille hosted by the group of J. The whole group was up in Montreal at the Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference, where we presented three lectures and three posters. Kris Harris and I are off to the Chamonix meeting on Sept.

Finally, we have three undergraduate students working in the laboratory, including Andrew Namespetra and Zach Friedl outstanding scholars programand Chris O'Keefe project student. We will miss Aaron's "quick wit", and wish him and Erin his wife all the best in France!

You can read an article about his new position by clicking here. Click here to read the Daily News article about her award! Hiyam is taking up a post-doc with Prof.

Peter Bruce at St. We will miss Hiyam's presence in the lab! Congratulations also to Aaron Rossini, who successfully defended his Ph. September We welcome Dr.Cynthia Onyefulu. Dr. Cynthia Onyefulu holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta in Canada.

She is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech); and served as the Faculty Research and Graduate Studies Coordinator for eight years. 2. The student must, within the first term of enrolling in the thesis or dissertation, sign a ”Non-exclusive License to the University of Windsor”, authorizing the University to archive, distribute, and make available copies of the thesis or dissertation to a library user at this or any other university.

3. Other sources to locate theses and dissertations. To obtain a copy of a thesis of that is not available online, please send a request through Interlibrary Loan..

Abes: Agence Bibliographique de l'Enseignement Superieur. Masters Program in Philosophy. Thesis are typically pages plus bibliography.

For further information, interested students should contact the Graduate Coordinator for Philosophy and the Admissions Office in the Faculty of Law.

Related Research: CRRAR; Women's Studies;.

Uwindsor thesis coordinator

The thesis is an independent piece of research intended to enable students to develop and apply research skills within the context of social work practice and to write a graduate thesis . Early in their program, AFTER consultation with their faculty supervisors, students who prefer the thesis track may request a change from the Graduate Coordinator.

The MSW program structure allows for specialized and highly individualized student learning.

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