Toefl vs ielts academic writing

Are you wondering what are the essential differences or similarities between the two tests? If yes, then this post is for you!

Toefl vs ielts academic writing

The IELTS is an English language test that is used for educational, immigration and occupational purposes, and is accepted by over 10, institutions across countries worldwide.

The TOEFL test seeks to test your ability to communicate in English in specifically academic, university and classroom-based settings. This test is more likely to be favoured by American institutions.

General differences Aside from the different styles of English each exam is are based on, TOEFL exam questions are almost entirely multiple choice, whereas IELTS requires you to respond to a range of different question types such as short answer, gap-filling and short essay tasks.

Students applying for English-speaking tertiary programmes will need to sit the Academic IELTS exam, whereas the General Training exam is used toefl vs ielts academic writing meet immigration and some occupational requirements.

As TOEFL is primarily multiple choice, students will need to be able to think analytically to weigh up the differences between their options. IELTS requires more use of memory, and draws on broader comprehension skills as students are faced with different question styles.

toefl vs ielts academic writing

The IELTS test will take between minutes and may not necessarily be on the same day as the other exam components, whilst the TOEFL will take about 20 minutes and is always on the same day as the rest of the exam.

TOEFL requires you to complete two tasks, the first of which will be a five-paragraph essay between words.

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For the second task, you will need to take notes from a section of text and lecture excerpt on the same topic, and use them to construct a word response. The IELTS writing test also has two sections, the first of which however requires you to summarise or explain information presented in a graph, chart, table or diagram.

Reading The reading tests for both exams are quite similar: Listening Tests vary quite significantly in their listening components. The TOEFL listening test is between minutes long, and involves you listening to excerpts from university lectures or conversations on a university campus.

You will be required to take notes whilst listening and answer a series of multiple choice questions afterwards. In the IELTS listening teststudents can answer questions whilst they are listening to the recordings, and will need to respond to a number of different question types and exercises of different lengths.

Scoring The speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL are graded based on how they appear as a whole, including your range of vocabulary, writing style and grammar. Those of the IELTS are considered based on separate grades of individual criteria such as your use of logic, cohesion, grammar and fluency.

For example, an essay with a logical progression of ideas but poor grammar will score higher in a TOEFL exam, whereas an essay with strong grammar and vocabulary that is weaker in expressing an idea will do better by the IELTS criteria. The IELTS is graded on a band system fromwith your overall score being an average of your separate scores in all four tests.

Your overall score will be rounded to the nearest half-band, i. TOEFL is a single test that is graded out of points.


And now that you've decided on the test you're going to take, why not start browsing undergraduate, postgraduate, vocational and doctorate courses abroad now!IELTS and TOEFL are two of the most widely taken English Language Proficiency tests in the world.

Often students are confused between the both. First, check with the institution that you are applying to, and as per their requirement, you can decide.

Home» IELTS» IELTS VS TOEFL COMPARISON The IELTS academic writing assessment, which is distinct from the general test, also has two tasks. In the first, students must write an essay describing a graph or chart.

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The second is devoted to common academic writing tasks, such as offering a solution to a problem, comparing and contrasting. PTE Score VS IELTS Band vs TOEFL Score All the three exams hold equal position and deliver almost similar results based on your performance. However, IELTS is more accepted in Europe and Australia while the TOEFL is much more commonly accepted by in the US.

The TOEFL is entirely computer based, whereas IELTS is paper based. The last point to keep in mind is, due to difference in allotted time and structure, the two tests facilitate slightly different forms of . Sep 28,  · IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys.

Taking or preparing for the IELTS test or considering to do so?

toefl vs ielts academic writing

Discuss all aspects of the test, how the test works, areas you are not sure about, and how to strengthen your areas of weakness for the General IELTS exam. IELTS vs TOEFL.

Which is better for you? Traveling to English Speaking Countries to school and sometimes, in order to get a visa to those countries, one is expected to write either of the two major tests of English exams, IELTS and TOEFL.