The encomiendas

The conquistador had already surveyed all Aztec records related to tributes and tributary towns, and on the basis of this information, he decided to distribute grants of people and land among his men. Granting encomiendas became an institution throughout New Spain to ensure subordination of the conquered populations and the use of their labor by the Spanish colonizers, as well as a means to reward Spanish subjects for services rendered to the crown. The encomienda was a Spanish institution of Roman origin, and in the New World, the Spanish government established a series of rights and obligations between the encomendero grantee and the people under his care. The indigenous people were required to provide tribute and free labor to the encomenderowho was responsible for their welfare, their assimilation into Spanish culture, and their Christianization.

The encomiendas

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What was the encomiendas

MERGE exists and is an alternate of. They were concentration cmps that the Indians were sent to, to pick cotton and take "showers" in the gas chambers. The holders of encomiendas The encomiendas the Spanish rulers that they would act fairly andrespect the workers. However, many abused the natives and worked many laborers to death, especially inside dangerous mines.

QOUTE nothing- in a sense your answer is correct, i just varified it a little: P -Chris How did encomienda system affect filipino lives?

The encomiendas

The hidalgo families were not acusston Answer It was so because the hedalgo family was not exposed to the tropical climates in the Caribbean so they used the encomienda system to work for them.

There where cabildos set up for the country side around town to to rule the encomienda system was nothing more than work or forced labour for the no wages and were paid for work no churces and schools were built in the arawak village.

Who first installed the encomienda system? The king of Spain in the 15th century installed it to get tax money from the Indians in present day Mexico and southern America Why did the Spanish monarchy abolished the encomienda system?

The Spanish monarchs abolished the encomienda system when theyrealized how cruel and abusive it was. Dominican priests played animportant role in the movement to abolish it. What is the Encomienda System? It was a system of colonization used by the empire of Spain. When the Spanish conquered the natives in the Caribbean, South America, and later the Philippines, these natives were required to pay tribute or perform work for Spanish landowners.

In return the Native Americans would receive protection from other tribes, education, and Christianity. This worked greatly in the favor of the Spanish colonists who received the trusteeship and land an encomendadobut was little better than involuntary servitude for many native tribes.

When the Spanish conquered the natives in the Caribbean, SouthAmerica, and later the Philippines, these natives were required topay tribute or perform work for Spanish landowners. In return theNative Americans would receive protection from other tribes,education, and Christianity. This worked greatly in the favor of the Spanish colonists whoreceived the trusteeship over the people an encomendado ,but was little better than involuntary servitude for many nativetribes.

How did the encomienda system harm the native Americans? The Encomienda was a legal system used by the Spaniards duringSpanish colonization of the Americas.

Why was the encomienda system introduced? The encomienda system was introduced by the Spanish n the s asa way to rule conquered peoples. Lords would receive labor andtribute.

In exchange, the natives would get protection andeducation. An abused system, it resulted in virtual slavery forindigenous peoples. What did the laws of the indies have to do with the encomiendas? They regulated social, political and economic life in these areas of New Spain 4 What was the encomienda system based on?

Spanish explorers claimed the lands in the New World, they set up institutions with which they were familiar at home in Castile, and at that time, there were strong links to their feudalistic history.

The Spanish modified their model of feudalism to fit both the needs and conditions in New Spain and the Caribbean. What two goals did the Spanish want to achieve with encomienda system? The Encomienda system was a system Spain used in an attempt toreduce the abuses of the system of forced labor.

It also attemptedto establish colonies by having Spanish conquistadors control landand a certain number of natives to work the land, and convertingthe natives to Christianity. The conquistadors were not given landgrants, however.

The natives, in turn, paid tributes of gold andother goods. What is the spanish encomienda system? The Spanish encomienda system was the rule of law in Spanishcolonial America.

It was a way to control the Native Americans andreward Spanish people who decided to live in America. What are the advantage and disadvantage of Encomienda system? There were no advantages to the Encomienda System to the local is tracked by us since April, Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Venezuela, where it reached as high as position.

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Blueexpress has a decent Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation index. encomienda (ānkōmyān`dä) [Span. encomendar=to entrust], system of tributory labor established in Spanish America.

Developed as a means of securing an adequate and cheap labor supply, the encomienda was first used over the conquered Moors of Spain.

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Encomienda (Spanish pronunciation: [eŋkoˈmjenda]) was a Spanish labor rewarded conquerors with the labor of particular groups of subject people.

It was first established in Spain during the Roman period, but used also following the Christian conquest of Muslim territories.

The painful and violent testimony of cruelties incurred by the Spanish conquistadors in the new world, concisely depicted by Bartolomé de Las Casas in his "Brevísima relación de la destruyción de las Indias", is both a terrible accusation and a warning addressed at Prince Phillip of Spain.

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