Sshfs fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint

Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Description Thorsten Leemhuis Fuse in general and Fedora's way to let only members of the group fuse access and use fuse was discussed in https: There we noticed that members of the group fuse can get access to devices which they normally should not have access to.

Sshfs fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint

For this procedure to work for your Dropbox share, you will need another machine somewhere that is running Dropbox, and is accessible to the Raspberry Pi via SSH.

The following is not actually specific to the Raspberry Pi, nor to Dropbox. The tutorial generalizes for other systems and architectures that are not officially supported by Dropbox, as well as for mounting of other non Dropbox shares over the network.

How it works SSH is a secure protocol for communicating between machines. SSHFS is a tool that uses SSH to enable mounting of a remote filesystem on a local machine; the network is mostly transparent to the user.

Installation remote host The first step is to configure the remote host that the Raspberry Pi will connect to via SSH. Next, the remote machine will need to be running OpenSSH server.

sshfs fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint

This first requires installation of the sshfs package. Open a terminal on the Pi and install it like this: Be sure to change the user remote-host and path to Dropbox to match your own settings: In a terminal on the Pi, run: Now copy the public part of the key to the remote host using the ssh-copy-id command: Once entered, terminal output will confim the key was added sucessfully.

Now that you can login remotely without password, the final task is to configure the share to automatically mount on startup. There are a few ways this could be accomplished, I decided to use cron for the task.

Open the global crontab for editing: Reboot the Pi, and your Dropbox share will mount automatically on startup.For most types all the mount program has to do is issue a simple mount(2) system call, and no detailed knowledge of the filesystem type is required.

For a few types however (like nfs, nfs4, cifs, smbfs, ncpfs) ad hoc code is necessary. Nov 12,  · When you use FUSE (via fuseiso in this case) to mount a filesystem, the logged in user must have write access to the directory on which the filesystem is to be mounted.

For instance, you could create a new, empty directory in your home directory.

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cd ~ mkdir example fuseiso example. To Unmount fusermount -u example. Assuming I have a folder /mnt/mountpoint that I use as a mountpoint for some sshfs-mounted directory. sshfs [email protected] /mnt/mountpoint Now, I want to prevent applications to write to /mnt/mountpoint while it is unmounted.

Questions I found here and here have answers that imply using. sudo chattr +i .

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Jul 25,  · Even though the number of users have dramatically increased, Google haven’t released a Google drive client for Linux yet. Using these clients, you can mount Google drive locally as a virtual file system and access your drive files in your Linux box.

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fuse design document performed from the external program fusermount which in linux is setuid root while in solaris fusermount has the sys_mount privilege attached to it for the fuse profile assuming the user has the fuse profile the second call b will succeed the fusermount program on solaris is implemented as a shell script which executes the.

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