Single foster parent blog

A Foster Mom's Story A single woman on a teacher's salary -- surely there must be better homes to place these children in?

Single foster parent blog

Introduction I am writing this because it seems nobody else has. I am about to embark upon the most meaningful, challenging, and life-changing phase of my adulthood, and I need help. I need to know that other women have gone before me and been successful.

I need to hear their advice, laugh at their anecdotes, and tearfully nod with recognition at their memories of frustration and loss.

Single foster parent blog

Yet I cannot fully do this. Somehow, without really meaning to, I have stumbled onto the road not taken. In all of the millions upon millions of books about raising children, there are quite literally less than 10 written about foster care.

There are even fewer books about single parent foster care. Watching my friends enter and journey through motherhood has proven to me that is more than one way to raise a child. Some of my girlfriends talk about information overload - not just from books and magazines, but from blogs and mommy groups and in-laws.

To spank or not to spank? To Baby Einstein or not to Baby Einstein? And while we're on that topic, TV or no TV? And if TV, how much, how often, and which shows? I can only imagine that somewhere in the world, or possibly in cyber-world, there is a group of sleep-deprived, bleary-eyed mommies asking themselves and one another, "WWJCD?

But you see, I cannot even join one of these groups to find understanding and answers Because even though there are countless unique experiences in motherhood, there are significant universal features that are shared by mommies everywhere. The permanence of the relationship, the intimate history of the child beginning in the womb, for most momsthe trust that has been built over countless needs being met over and over and over But here I am.


I am about to become a foster mother, and I one stranger am about to raise and love and discipline and nurture another stranger's child.

And what makes my situation even more unique is that I am not planning to do this indefinitely.

Single foster parent blog

They say, "Once a mom, always a mom" but this isn't quite the case for me. Don't get me wrong: So, that's why I am starting this blog.

I went to the library last week after foster care class, and I searched for all the foster parent books I could find. The most relevant books I found were personal memoirs from former foster children.

Mommy Crashcourse: Becoming a Single Foster Parent

I checked some of those out. I think it's important to see it from the child's perspective -- but I suspect that these books will have horribly depressing stories and if anything, serve as a "what NOT to do" guide for foster parents.

Then, I went to the aisle about parenting the "difficult" child, but again, I realized that my challenge will be a very unique one.I am a 41 year old single woman who has decided to become a foster parent. It has been a journey full of laughter and tears. And, God has shown Himself through every step.

Most states will license a single foster parent. You will complete the same process as a couple who wants to foster or adopt a child.

Almost anyone who has a desire and the capacity to help care for a child can become a foster parent through SAFY.


Becoming a foster parent Ways to Help Blog Diary of a Single Foster Momma The Journey. My foster momma diary. Read the Blog. We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone Welcome friends! Thank you so much for visiting my Single Foster Momma blog. My hope is that in sharing my journey, I can.

The foster care system can be difficult for children, teenagers, and adults. The challenges you face, the triumphs and the heartaches, and every experience in between are shared by many other families Some of those families share their journeys in a blog that offer inspiration and provide readers.

Becoming a single foster or foster to adopt parent | SAFY

Some of the most heartbreaking experiences I have had as a foster parent are trying to comfort a newly placed foster child in my home as they cry out for their parents.

If you blog about adoption or foster care and would like your blog listed, E-MAIL ME with "LIST ME" in the Subject Line. It was a Wednesday.

We received our first call from our foster care agency at in the afternoon - a newborn baby girl had been taken into custody by Child Protective Services at the hospital and was in need of placement.

Journey of a single foster mom