Radical feminists question relevance of consent

This is the most controversial post I have ever written in ten years of blogging.

Radical feminists question relevance of consent

Common Themes and the Liberal-to-Radical Continuum Virtually all feminist thinking about rape shares several underlying themes. Feminist thought and activism have challenged the myth that rape is rare and exceptional, showing that it is in fact a common experience in the lives of girls and women.

It has now been amply confirmed by research: Of these women, Indeed, many women suffer multiple rapes in their lives: While such rapes do occur, the great majority of rapes are committed by a man or men known to the victim: For this reason, again contrary to stereotype, most rapes are intraracial.

In the study of over 16, Americans mentioned above, Remarkably few assailants are punished: Perhaps the most basic challenge that feminists have posed to traditional views of rape lies in the recognition of rape as a crime against the victim herself. A raped woman or girl was less valuable as property, and penalties for rape often involved fines or other compensation paid to her husband or father Burgess-Jackson The marital rape exemption in law, which survived in the U.

A further corollary of this view was that women who were not the private property of any individual man—for instance, prostitutes—were unrapeable, or at least that no one important was harmed by their rape Dworkin—, Burgess-Jackson, Feminists in many U.

In addition to pressing for changes in law and in police and prosecutorial practices, feminists have founded and staffed rape crisis centers and hotlines to support victims, whether or not they choose to pursue charges against their attackers.

Feminist views of rape can be understood as arrayed on a continuum from liberal to radical.

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More radical views, in contrast, contend that rape must be recognized and understood as an important pillar of patriarchy. Johnson defines patriarchy as a social system in which men disproportionately occupy positions of power and authority, central norms and values are associated with manhood and masculinity which in turn are defined in terms of dominance and controland men are the primary focus of attention in most cultural spaces Radical feminists see rape as arising from patriarchal constructions of gender and sexuality within the context of broader systems of male power, and emphasize the harm that rape does to women as a group.

In addition, radical feminist approaches to rape often share one or more of the following three features. Third, the focus on group-based oppression has also led many radical feminist thinkers to examine the role of rape itself, and of ideologies about rape, in creating and reproducing not only patriarchy but multiple systems of domination, including racism and colonialism.

Achieving these goals has often involved arguing that certain kinds of encounters that have previously not been socially or legally recognized as rape should be so recognized—thus, challenging overly restrictive ideas often encoded in law about what counts as rape Burgess-Jackson; Sanday; Bevacqua Position Statement.

We recognize the basic human rights of all people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. All citizens, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, have the right to housing, employment, and to be free from violence and harassment.

1. Common Themes and the Liberal-to-Radical Continuum. Virtually all feminist thinking about rape shares several underlying themes. First among these is feminists' emphasis on . Jan 31,  · Primoratz writes that “ radical feminists typically question the very relevance of consent to the morality of sexual acts.” Rape is to be quite frank, the lowest and most demeaning act a man can do to a woman.

Most would say that rape is physically forcing a . Many feminists have critiqued queer theory as either a diversion from feminism issues or as a male-dominated backlash to feminism.

Lesbian feminists and radical feminists have been the most prominent critics of queer theory and queer politics.

Radical feminists question relevance of consent

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Radical feminists question relevance of consent

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