Prescription drug abuse essay conclusion

CNS Drugs, 24 7 This study involved assessing the potential for abuse of several benzodiazepines using so called doctor shopping and to recommend that a "doctor shopping indicator" statistic can be useful in reducing prevalence of prescription drug over-use. Does early onset of non-medical use of prescription drugs predict subsequent prescription drug abuse and dependence? Results from a national study.

Prescription drug abuse essay conclusion

Nilesh Patel offers solutions to the growing opiod abuse problem. Lake Effect essayist Nilesh Patel looks at the death of a well-known hockey player two years ago as evidence that change is needed inside and outside of sports: I wish I had known about Derek Boogaard before he died.

The year old Canadian was a fan favorite in the National Hockey League when he lost his battle to addictive prescription painkillers two years ago. Millions of Americans — from professional athletes like Boogaard to the car pool mom across the street — are fighting for their lives and may not even realize it.

Prescription opioid abuse is the fastest growing drug addiction in the country today.

Prescription drug abuse essay conclusion

Inthere were enough painkiller prescriptions written to medicate every American around the clock for a month. And the numbers are growing. Prescription-related drug deaths are up more than percent in the last 11 years.

ER prescription drug-related cases total about half a million annually.

Prescription drug abuse essay conclusion

Patients want quick solutions to their medical problems. As a physician, I am expected to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction.

In the world of instant online surveys and social media postings, anything less than immediate gratification may cause vocal and viral patient dissatisfaction.

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This contributes significantly to the over-prescription problem. Change should start with my brother and sister physicians.

6) (Prescription Drug Abuse Chart – Drugs of Abuse and Related Topics – NIDA, ) “For example, U.S. prescriptions for stimulants (including those taken for ADHD) increased from around 5 million in to almost 35 million in Essay The Drug Of Prescription Drug Abuse Increases in prescription drug overdoses have driven a steep rise in the rate of drug overdose mortality in the United States in the past decade with much of the increase attributable to prescription opioid analgesics [1–4]. Prescription drugs are the most common abused category of drugs, right next to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other dangerous drugs. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention have classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic.

We must guard against an over-reliance on prescription painkillers as a default in treating pain. We must find the root causes of pain problems and treat them with the best possible options, even if it takes longer to see results.

Lawmakers can also help. Give doctors a chance to make a difference in our communities.

Finally, to my patients, you have a role in this as well. A potentially addictive drug is not a panacea. You must push yourselves to lose the excess weight.

And to walk regularly. Even a small amount of exercise can minimize pain. If there is an upside to his loss, it is that the suit could force a long overdue paradigm shift in how powerful painkillers are prescribed.

The loss of any child, especially one so talented, is tragic.


But there is a small window of hope for the Boogaard family their loss will be a bellwether event for the rest of us.Drug abuse, also called substance abuse or chemical abuse is a disorder that is characterized by a destructive pattern of using substance that leads to significant problems or distress.

Teens are increasingly engaging in prescription drug abuse. Prescription drugs are the most common abused category of drugs, right next to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other dangerous drugs.

The centers for Disease Control and Prevention have classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays.

Essays Related to Prescription Drug Abuse in America. Definition The use of illicit or illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are indicated or in a 3/5(3). Drug Abuse Essay Conclusion Most Addictive Prescription Drugs Drug Abuse Essay Conclusion; Most Addictive Prescription Drugs.

In conclusion with drug use in America. No matter what type of drug you try you are that much closer to becoming addicted to it.

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All it takes is one time try it and like it. Dec 26,  · Prescription drugs are just as addictive as illegal drugs and are easier to acquire. The only difference is that if you have health insurance, you are only paying a co-payment for your medication and not the street price for it.

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