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Outline bcaa

Those who experience psychosis and come to a hospital setting are almost always prescribed antipsychotics. Antipsychotics in general tend to be sedating and tranquilizing. This was very sad because he was a painter and he had tremendous difficulty using his brush for his artwork.

Though the newer atypicals have been heralded as a godsend for those experiencing ongoing psychosis, they tend to come with a wide variety of problems as well.

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It is common for people that experience these EPS symptoms to be prescribed an anticholinergic anti-parkinsonian drug such as cogentin as well as the atypical.

Though socio-economic factors certainly play a role, there is a likelihood the long term health effects of the drugs are contributing to this early mortality rate. Antipsychotics can be incredibly challenging to withdraw from as well.

This class of drugs tend to work by blocking dopamine absorption. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for sending signals between neurons. On a crude level, it has been postulated that too much dopamine might cause some of the psychotic symptoms and therefore a drug Outline bcaa reduces available dopamine could reduce mania and psychosis.

The longer a person takes one of these antipsychotics, the more habituated the body becomes to a drug that reduces available dopamine. If a person stops taking one of these drugs cold turkey, the body suddenly becomes flooded by dopamine and is likely to experience florid psychosis.

Though some medical professionals will point to the underlying disease as the cause Outline bcaa the reoccurrence of psychosis, it is highly likely that the withdrawal effect off these drugs is playing a large role.

The longer one stays on these drugs, the larger the dose and the larger the prescription polypharmacy the harder it is to wean off of them. For many people, it becomes literally impossible as each attempt leads to a psychotic process. There is mounting evidence that taken over long periods of time, these antipsychotics can actually increase the susceptibility to psychosis, as well as cause tremendous health problems.

In this article, Whitaker points to longitudinal studies done by scientists who examined how people fared when taking long term courses of antipsychotics verseus those who did not. The evidence is clear that people who have discontinued antipsychotics or have never started them have a far better chance of recovery from initial psychosis.

In this model, the best plan for initial psychosis is to avoid using the drugs altogether and see if the psychosis naturally dissipates. After that the next best plan is to try a low dose and then to try and taper the person off as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, this is not what mainstream psychiatry believes is the best course and evidence based medicine.

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In hospitals and outpatient clinics, most still posit that early break psychosis is a sign of a chemical imbalance and a long term illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder that will require a lifetime use of antipsychotics.

On a basic level, it is important to note that the theory that psychiatric drugs correct a chemical imbalance is simply false. Essentially, this idea was presented as a way to establish the medical efficacy of these drugs for mental illness. However, no true scientific research has ever determined the exact nature of a chemical imbalance for mental illnesses, nor have they scientifically proved the idea that psychiatric drugs correct any imbalance.

As tranquilizers, they can often be effective at reducing psychotic symptoms such as mania and hallucinations. For those who are experiencing extremely disturbing voices, sometimes commanding suicide or violence, any relief may seem worth the potential health risks.

I believe we need to start seeing these antipsychotic medications for what they are, very potent tranquilizing drugs. This is all to say that due to the information about the long term effect of antipsychotics, making the decision to start these drugs should be very carefully examined.

In a hospital setting, someone in the throes of severe psychosis may not understand the ramifications of starting one of these drugs. Often a doctor prescribes this class of medication with little conversation due to the altered state of the patient. There is often little in the way of informed consent about the side effects, long term health effects and problems with withdrawal.

Probably the most common reason people with these diagnoses go into crisis is because they have gone off the psychiatric drugs. As I noted before, the body becomes habituated to the artificial changes in neurochemistry and the nervous system can easily go into shock when these drugs are removed, especially if they are stopped quickly or cold turkey.

Those prone to extreme states and psychosis can then easily experience a recurrence of these psychotic symptoms that can lead to hospitalization. In this state, probably the smartest thing to do would be to reinstate the psychiatric drugs. Sadly, even though the drugs themselves may be causing quite a few side effects and health problems, a quick and sudden taper can create havoc on an already sensitive nervous system.

In general, if someone has been given a serious mental illness label and is on a number of psychiatric drugs, health complications will likely mount as the years roll by. Quick tapers and cold turkey easily leads to new symptoms of sever anxiety, panic, insomnia, confusion, disorganization and psychosis.

Some doctors will decide that previous prescriptions were unwarranted and will quickly change meds, add meds or change and often augment dosages. Generally, these sudden changes can cause further stress on the nervous system and one should be very careful with making lots of changes without doing a great deal of research on the medication changes.

It is deeply important that the person tapers slooooowly as to avoid a relapse in psychotic symptoms. Most doctors do not advocate a slow taper but anecdotal evidence points to slow tapering being a much more effective and safe way of getting off meds if a person has decided to do that.

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Outline bcaa

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Outline bcaa

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