Is playing mahjong a good entertainment

Flowers - 6 points Seasons - 7 points This value is being multiplied by the number of pairs that remains on the virtual table. In mahjong online, the seemingly trivial gameplay trains our concentration, speed and percptiveness. The GameDesire platform allows you to start the game alone or in a group, and points gained from experience allow you to play more effectively.

Is playing mahjong a good entertainment

This blog chronicles the adventures of a group of Singaporeans who play the Mahjong Competition Rules also known as Chinese Officialand discusses other mahjong matters. Monday, August 15, Becoming a Better Technical Player, Part 1 It has really been quite a while since I have updated this blog this is getting to be a regular bad habit; I promise to change!

For now, however, I am going to discuss what it takes to do well in Singapore Style mahjong. When I look at tracker statistics of this blog not that there are that many people visiting this blogI do notice that a fair number of visitors were motivated by a desire to play better mahjong i.

So far, in this blog, I had not really touched on what makes a good and successful mahjong player or what the best techniques in playing mahjong are.

It would be really difficult to accurately articulate the qualities of all good and successful mahjong players, or to list and describe infallible winning techniques and strategies. Yet, I believe that there are some areas that can be discussed, in hope of identifying ideas that help people play better.

A few months back, I did get a query from a visitor to this blog on how to improve his play. Off the top of my head, I wrote back a reply with a list of points that I felt good players should have, and it is this list from that original reply this blog post would be expounding on.

Do note that this list of points for better play is based on Singapore Style mahjong, but most, if not all, points are applicable to all variants of mahjong.

More defence-oriented variants like riichi majan would require additional skills that are not covered here, since Singapore Style mahjong is rather less defence-oriented. I use the term 'technical success' because these points are related to skills that can be acquired through experience and learning.

Other traits for success may be personality-based, or be based on more intangible qualities, and these are less technical in nature, so I have not considered these.

Although I did mentioned that these skills can be acquired through learning, I do not mean that these skills can be taught in classes and absorbed immediately by the learners. Players will need to play mahjong regularly to train these skills, sometimes by deliberately experimenting with different strategies.

Is playing mahjong a good entertainment

I will explain how each skill can contribute to better playing with reference to examples where applicable. A good knowledge and understanding of rules and scoring elements In order to excel in the game of mahjong, a player must of course know what kind of game he is playing.

He will need to know the ins and outs of the game, all the various rules even the obscure and arcane ones, if there are such rules presentand the basic strategies for the game.

Mah Jong - History and Useful Information

Some of this knowledge of the rules is to allow the player a consistent framework to build a strong offensive strategy. In Singapore Style mahjong, there are less than ten basic scoring elements, and a limit of 5 doubles.

For a player to do well, he would need to score highly, and to do that, he would need to know which of the scoring elements he can use to get high scores. At the same time, with a limit, a player need not go overboard and try for a hand with 8 doubles when 5 will do, especially if it is more difficult and slower to win with the hand with 8 doubles.

A good understanding of the rules would therefore enable the player to have a more realistic appreciation of the situation and play better accordingly. Quick decision-making Mahjong is a fast-moving game. At the table with three other skilled players, the game moves very fast whether for Singapore Style, riichi majan, or MCR.

There is always the pressure to keep up! A player will need to make quick decisions, decisions on which direction to take the hand, which scoring elements to aim for, which tiles to discard and which tiles to keep. The player will need to constantly analyse his hand, as well as those of his opponents, based on the tiles being discarded.

The player may have a respite when it comes to his turn, and take a bit more time in thinking through his moves, but when it is not his turn, when his opponents are relentlessly playing fast and discarding tiles without much time spent in deliberate pondering, the player would still have to act fast.

Do I chow that? Therefore, quick decision-making is a skill that good players have to cultivate, through a lot of practice and experience. Good players are constantly thinking about everything in the game. In my mahjong classes, I noticed beginners mostly analyse and make decisions only when it is their turn.

This is a bad habit that continues for many players, and it becomes hard to overcome, so quick decision-making is a skill that should be practised right from the beginning.

Ability to create and manage flexible hands for optimum tile-matching Mahjong is a game that has a definite goal: Yet, the path to the win is multitudinous, that is, there are many ways to reach that winning point.

How is that achieved? Each tile that is drawn into a hand can offer many possibilities, some good, some bad. Some tiles when added to the mix give rise to many better possibilities, others are useless in advancing the hand towards completion.

The good player will develop the ability to see combinations of tiles as useful in many ways. Beginners, on the other hand, tend to be very single-minded when looking at the tiles. Consider the hand below: When assessing any hand, a player must identify which sets are usable and thus contribute towards the end result i.

A beginner may group the tiles into the sets as such: There are four sets identified, and it is likely that 8c 8 Character would be discarded soon.Good game with great graphics and levels. Adds are not intrusive. best mahjong game G5 Entertainment. K+ Reviews 1M+ Puzzle Games Report.

Free. Install Google Play Best 10 Games For Playing Mahjong; Latest articles in Board Games. See All. King of Mahjong is not a nonsensical wackfest, as director Adrian Teh pushes kind, Pollyannaish sentiments instead of gambling craziness. Fatt is a guy who declares, “I don’t play to win,” while his mentor delivers wisdom like, “Playing mahjong is like learning to be a good person.”.

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Prepared by Eric Leong# Is playing mahjong a good entertainment?

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Introduction Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that requires skill, strategy, and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck in order to defeat your opponents.

The common phrase "playing the hand you've been dealt" can apply to mahjong as much as it does to card games. Chance is a large element of mahjong. However, you can make the most of the tiles you've been dealt.

As you become more skilled at the game, you'll learn not only how to increase your odds.

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