How to write parents comments on report cards

The dreaded first home delivery of the report card. Indeed parents seem obligated to use the report card moment as a pep talk. Download Article Maria Pickard, guidance counselor in Memphis, Tennessee, warns parents against saying too much. When what we really want is to have them reacting themselves.

How to write parents comments on report cards

Lead poisoning, obesity, and suicide are all important factors in the health of children, but the Partnership selected benchmarks that it felt best indicated general health. Over the lifetime of a report card project, be careful to keep the same major categories or data points.

If you need ideas on significant and measurable categoriesthe National Directory of Community Health Report Cards contains an appendix with sample indicator sets from communities around the U.

Determine your grading scale and system. You want to be able to show small gains. The Partnership for Children adopted a 4. Donna Peck, Vice President of Communications, explained the change: It's a small change, but we are finding that people like it better and it needs less explanation. A committee of data experts developed the formula.

The Partnership provides a full data appendix, along with explanatory text for each benchmark. For example, in the health category, this detail is provided: That percentage was down slightly from the previous year and was just below the national figure of 7.

The nature of your organization or coalition, your funding, and other factors about your effort itself will determine who gathers the data. For complex report cards, this is usually a designated person inside the effort or someone who is hired for this specific purpose.

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That person or persons should be familiar with relevant data sources local, state, national or even international, depending on your project. Perhaps a member of your board has expertise working with statistics.

Maybe a local marketing firm will donate its services to compile results of a citizen survey, or perhaps one of your volunteers can conduct research at the local health department.

The main point is to be consistent in collecting accurate, reliable data. Some things are difficult if not impossible to measure, but once benchmarks are chosen, you can define the category in some measurable way. Their note here points out that data collection can be a tedious process: Water monitoring is one example.

The Safe Drinking Water Act SDWA requires all public water systems to monitor water quality for coliform bacteria, contaminant levels, and water treatment chemical byproducts.

Unfortunately, SDWA violations are self-reported, and not all cities monitor and report violations with equal frequency. It is difficult, therefore, to make accurate comparisons between cities' water quality because some cities either fail to examine water quality or fail to report violations.

Easier said than done, of course. Writing explanatory and interpretive text, including the talking points for publicity Designing and producing print and if possible Internet report cards The text that accompanies your data offers your group a chance to interpret the grades and statistics and frame the agenda for continued action.

This is where you can focus your message.

Report Cards For A Two Year Old

Emphasize the areas of greatest progress and those that need most work. This is also where you can explain your grading system — what it means and how you calculated the grades.

How does the formula for compiling data translate to grades? Whatever you do, spell it out clearly, and make sure your text clarifies your graphics.

Visuals such as graphs and charts are effective ways of presenting the big picture, while your text can add detail, explain, and answer questions.

How to write parents comments on report cards

Whether or not you can afford a designer, make sure your graphic design communicates as clearly as your words. How do you use a community report card?

Your use of the report card is embedded in your purpose for creating it. Why do you want the report card results? In most cases, a community report card is intended to be a catalyst for action and further improvement.Report Card Comments Collection - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

A collection of comments one might use for commenting on student assessment and progress on report cards. Report Card Comments for Teachers. Report Card Comments Made Easy We offer hundreds of free report card comment ideas and phrases to help you complete your report cards.

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Here’s our list of useful examples (plus 10 writing tips) that encourage students and save you time! PARENTS are calling for the ban on written comments in end-of-year report cards to be lifted, saying it will impact on children’s education and lead to a loss of support for teachers.

Jul 30,  · Hi Everyone! I am conducting a very short survey to find out parent feelings about report card comments. This survey will be part of an in-service presentation coming up in another week.

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