Glory and hope by nelson mandela analysis essay

Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech - Pretoria May 10 From: ORG tim jenkin Date: Wed, 11 May

Glory and hope by nelson mandela analysis essay

Tweet Almost each one of Nelson Mandela's speeches, widely believed to be among the most inspirational addresses by world leaders in the past several decades, has been documented by the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory project.

The Pre-capitalist Character of the Tribal Model

Here are excerpts from five of his most memorable speeches. He opened his arguments by saying he believed this was a "trial of the African people".

Glory and hope by nelson mandela analysis essay

In its proper meaning equality before the law means the right to participate in the making of the laws by which one is governed, a constitution which guarantees democratic rights to all sections of the population, the right to approach the court for protection or relief in the case of the violation of rights guaranteed in the constitution, and the right to take part in the administration of justice as judges, magistrates, attorneys-general, law advisers and similar positions.

In the absence of these safeguards the phrase 'equality before the law', in so far as it is intended to apply to us, is meaningless and misleading. All the rights and privileges to which I have referred are monopolised by whites, and we enjoy none of them. The white man makes all the laws, he drags us before his courts and accuses us, and he sits in judgement over us.

It is fit and proper to raise the question sharply, what is this rigid colour-bar in the administration of justice?

11 Leadership Qualities of Nelson Mandela

Why is it that in this courtroom I face a white magistrate, am confronted by a white prosecutor, and escorted into the dock by a white orderly? Can anyone honestly and seriously suggest that in this type of atmosphere the scales of justice are evenly balanced? Why is it that no African in the history of this country has ever had the honour of being tried by his own kith and kin, by his own flesh and blood?

I will tell Your Worship why: I feel oppressed by the atmosphere of white domination that lurks all around in this courtroom. Somehow this atmosphere calls to mind the inhuman injustices caused to my people outside this courtroom by this same white domination.

It reminds me that I am voteless because there is a parliament in this country that is white-controlled. The speech was made famous by its closing lines in which he speaks of democracy and free society, an ideal for which he said he was prepared to die.

I have always regarded myself, in the first place, as an African patriot. After all, I was born in Umtata, forty-six years ago. My guardian was my cousin, who was the acting paramount chief of Thembuland, and I am related both to Sabata Dalindyebo, the present paramount chief, and to Kaiser Matanzima, the Chief Minister for the Transkei.

Today I am attracted by the idea of a classless society, an attraction which springs in part from Marxist reading and, in part, from my admiration of the structure and organisation of early African societies in this country.

The land, then the main means of production, belonged to the tribe. There was no rich or poor and there was no exploitation. But this is also true of many of the leaders of the new independent states. Such widely different persons as Gandhi, Nehru, Nkrumah, and Nasser all acknowledge this fact.

Mahatma Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

We all accept the need for some form of socialism to enable our people to catch up with the advanced countries of the world and to overcome their legacy of extreme poverty. But this does not mean we are Marxists I have been influenced in my thinking by both West and East.

All this has led me to feel that in my search for a political formula, I should be absolutely impartial and objective. I should tie myself to no particular system of society other than that of socialism. I must leave myself free to borrow the best from West and from the East. The complaint of Africans, however, is not only that they are poor and whites are rich, but that the laws which are made by the whites are designed to preserve this situation.

There is compulsory education for all white children at virtually no cost to their parents, be they rich or poor. Similar facilities are not provided for the African children The quality of education is also differentNelson Mandela - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela served as President of South Africa from to and was the first South African president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election.

Jul 14,  · Summary of Nelson Mandela's Inaugural speech, "Glory and Hope." Summary: Glory and Hope By Nelson Mandela Glory and Hope was Nelson Mandelas reservoir speech as the setoff democratic entirelyy elected stop President of federation Africa.

Glory and hope by nelson mandela analysis essay

11/2: Short reading #2 (“Glory and Hope” by Nelson Mandela). Review history of apartheid, racism, and Review history of apartheid, racism, and racial oppression. President Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) joins forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, the captain, to lead the nation’s team to World Cup glory — into one shared goal with the motto “One team, one country” and citing a poem that was a source of inspiration heal the wounds of the past even as it gave new hope.

“Glory and Hope” Nelson Mandela gave a speech at his inauguration as president of the Democratic Republic of South Africa on May 10, His speech is named “Glory and .

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Inaugural Speech, Pretoria [Mandela]- 5/10/94