Genre multi papers research

Bakhtin and his circle began meeting in the Belorussian towns of Nevel and Vitebsk in before moving to Leningrad in Their group meetings were terminated due to the arrest of many of the group in From this time until his death inBakhtin continued to work on the topics which had occupied his group, living in internal exile first in Kustanai Kazakhstan,Savelovo about km from Moscow,Saransk Mordovia,and finally moving in to Moscow, where he died at the age of eighty.

Genre multi papers research

Publication is planned for Many societies in the world today are challenged by the phenomenon of an aging population with its special problems and needs. In the last couple of decades, studies of aging have emerged within the humanities assuming that age is as important a marker as gender, class, race, ethnicity and ability for the understanding of communal and personal identity.

Critics agree that age is not only a biological fact but is also socially constructed and performative by nature. Valerie Barnes Lipscomb contends: Proposals of about words together with a brief CV should be sent to the block Genre multi papers research before 1 May Contributors will be notified about the decision regarding their proposal by 20 May Papers should be 6, words.

Each paper will be submitted for blind review by two peer readers. Editor of the special block: The historical and political events precipitate, the technological advancement seems unstoppable and rather difficult to keep up with, borders are erased or redrawn, the politics of inclusion flourishes in Europe, while America is building a wall to keep immigration at bay and fights a wave of violence which should, at least, prompt them to reconsider the possession of weapons.

Russia asserts their power, either through direct involvement or by press and political manipulation in the neighbouring countries. The structure of EU is redefined after Brexit and, foreseeably, after the warning formulated against countries such as Poland, Hungary and, more recently, Romania.

In this hectic and maddening course of history, what is left of arts? Have they lost the battle with reality or are they readjusting to it? Is the elusive postmodernism still on the table, with its many guises and metafictional manifestations or has it paved the way for more straightforward approaches and went to Genre multi papers research in the vault of history of culture?

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Is realism taking over the cultural paradigms of the new millennium or has it left room for fantasy, dystopias and Sci-Fi to step in and utter well-concealed truths and post truths?

Have arts and literature remained representational only or are they trying to climb up the social ladder and acquire more and more socio-political significance? These are some of the questions this book is going to try to answer.

Genre multi papers research

The envisaged structure is that of a collection of individually-authored chapters, each focusing on events of major importance in the twenty-first century and their reflection in fiction and drama.

The papers have to be original, unpublished, and not submitted for evaluation elsewhere.


The topics enumerated above are, by no means, exhaustive, yet a connection with the general theme should be obvious. Contributors are invited to submit proposals wordsoutlining their corpus, premises, objectives, methods and prospective bibliography, to oana.

May 15th, Following the editorial review and preliminary acceptance, the selected authors are expected to submit their first drafts by September 11th, The chapters should not exceed 7, words, including endnotes and list of references.

Chicago Manual of Style is preferred. The drafts will be peer-reviewed and returned with annotations and suggestions to their authors by the end of November The final paper is expected to be delivered electronically, as editable document, by the end of February New Historical and Aesthetic Perspectives Call for articles for a publishing project Deadline for proposals: The final versions of the articles should be sent by October 1st, In South Africa too, some passing narratives reveal the tensions and dilemmas associated with mixed-race identities Millin Novels and films dealing with racial passing have been the focus of renewed attention since the s with the development of studies of the mixed race category Sollorsand the rise of gender studies: We welcome articles adopting these theoretical angles to interpret fictions that have been little studied or aspects of more canonical works that may have been overlooked.

We also welcome articles raising the question of the ethical and political significance of racial passing. At the turn of the 20th century, W. Du Bois already regarded those who chose to pass for white as somewhat treacherous individuals who failed to show an oppressed racial group the loyalty it so badly needed, and from the late s onward, overt and collective forms of rebellion seem to have replaced the invisible, solitary transgression committed by the racial impostor.

Yet one may ask the question of whether racial passing can be, or has ever been, regarded not only as transgressive but also as subversive, including from a political perspective. We also welcome articles with a regional or transnational perspective; studies of racial passing and its representations in South Africa or in the West Indies would be of particular interest.

Considerations on regional specificities e. In the United States for instance, after the Loving vs Virginia ruling of the Supreme Court in which made the legal interdiction of inter-racial marriage unconstitutionalone could think that racial passing would become a thing of the past.

And yet for the last twenty years, many contemporary authors have been reverting to the topos of racial passing — proposing hybridized and highly self-reflective versions of the historical race novel SennaRothWhiteheadPowersWicomb Some have even captured the comic and aesthetic potential of reverse passing, showing white individuals posing and posturing as black men, with an equally acute sense of historical recapitulation and irony Mansbach Contributors are invited to propose either close studies of particular texts or films or more general surveys of the contemporary passing narrative.About us.

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