Easier said than done writing an autoethnography

Sally Denshire Conceptualising autoethnography as assemblage: A material, conceptual, relational and affective landscape of practice and experience is presented, from which the self is successively displaced as the primary site of experience and meaning. Conceptualising autoethnography … putting the very notion of a self at risk opens up places of vulnerability that can also be opportunities for radical re-working of categories of thought and action, including those that cross boundaries between fields or professions.

Easier said than done writing an autoethnography

If any moron on a street corner could correctly point out the errors being made by bigshot PhDs, why would the PhDs never consider changing?

A few of these are completely made up and based on radical misunderstandings of what economists are even trying to do. As for the rest, my impression is that economists not only know about these criticisms, but invented them. During the last few paradigm shifts in economics, the new guard levied these complaints against the old guard, mostly won, and their arguments percolated down into the culture as The Correct Arguments To Use Against Economics.

Now the new guard is doing their own thing — behavioral economics, experimental economics, economics of effective government intervention. The first accusation is about forty years out of date, the second one a misrepresentation of ideas that are themselves fifteen years out of date.

The criticism is the exact opposite of reality, because reality is formed by everybody hearing the criticism all the time and over-reacting to it. They think they can get the right answer to everything just by thinking about it, but in reality intelligent thought requires not just brute-force application of IQ but also domain expertise, hard-to-define-intuition, trial-and-error, and a humble openness to criticism and debate.

Instead of just trying to be right all the time, people should want to help others and change the world. Like the economics example, these combine basic mistakes with legitimate criticisms levied by rationalists themselves against previous rationalist paradigms or flaws in the movement.

There have been past paradigms for which some of these criticisms are pretty fair.

Autoethnography : Pat Sikes :

Even the early days of our own movement on Overcoming Bias and Less Wrong had a lot of this. But notice how many of those names are blue. Each of those links goes to book reviews, by me, of books studying those people and how they went wrong.

PDF | Autoethnography is an intriguing and promising qualitative method that offers a way of giving voice to personal experience for the purpose of extending sociological understanding. The author. Reflecting on my experience as a teacher and a lesbian in a second-level school in Ireland in the early s, I use an auto-ethnographic approach first to explore some of the ways dominant narratives can silence, constrain and marginalise some people. BibTeX @MISC{Bscn_articleeasier, author = {Sarah Wall Bscn}, title = {Article Easier Said than Done: Writing an Autoethnography}, year = {}}.

They try to focus on doubting themselves instead of criticizing others. They include painters, poets, dancers, photographers, and novelists.

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They are among the strongest proponents of the effective altruist movement, encourage each other to give various percents of their income to charity, and founded or lead various charitable organizations.

I hope that constant vigilance has given us at least a tiny bit of a leg up, in the determining-what-is-true field, compared to people who think this is unnecessary and truth-seeking is a waste of time.

easier said than done writing an autoethnography

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Auto-ethnography. [Patricia J Sikes;] -- From the s onwards, there has been what has frequently been described as an auto/biographical turn in the social sciences and also in the arts and humanities. Brian Rappert Easier Said Than Done: Writing an Autoethnography - Sarah Wall The Academic Tourist: An Autoethnography - Ronald Pelias.

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Working in a Mexican Classroom: An Autoethnographic Study () notes that autoethnography views the researcher’s own experience as the topic of investigation in its own right and can be used as a representation of the social world.

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Wall, S. (). Easier said than done: Writing an autoethnography. International Journal of.

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