Difference between analysis and evaluation essay

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Difference between analysis and evaluation essay

Being able to determine whether a plan makes financial sense is vital for every business leader and entrepreneur. A cost-benefit analysis helps you understand if a new project or campaign makes financial sense in the long run for the company. In contrast, cost-effectiveness analysis compares two outcomes based on relative costs to see which of the two provides the best opportunities for success.

The easy way to remember the difference is a benefit is a desired financial reward while effectiveness is the potential success of the program.

Cost-Benefit Analysis A cost-benefit analysis considers all factors associated with any project to determine its potential profitability, including any costs that go into developing, implementing and executing the project strategy.

The analyst researches the potential financial benefits and subtracts the costs. It is possible to account for intangible costs such as opportunity costs that affect the potential profits as a way to project potential return on investment data.

For example, assume a deli wants to open a second location. It wouldn't be wise to sign a lease and open the doors, expecting both locations to have the same costs and profits. The business owner must look at the costs of obtaining the new location, the build-out and the costs associated with running the operation for the first year with marketing and promotions.

The owner also needs to consider the likely traffic and determine the potential profits. The cost-benefit analysis might show that it would take the entire year to net out from net loss to net profit, or it could take several years. The business owner then decides if opening the second location is worth the time and money.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis A cost-effectiveness analysis is used when a cost-benefit analysis is not a viable analysis option because you can't place value on the outcome. This method is most commonly used in health care when evaluating various treatment plans.

Providers can assess the cost of a given course of action such as physical therapy versus surgery. However, it is difficult to predict and value outcomes because patient success and obstacles are all unique and different.

For example, a patient goes to the doctor with a knee injury. The doctor evaluates the knee and determines that it is possible to almost completely rehabilitate the knee with physical therapy but knows that surgery would have a higher probability of percent success.

If the patient is able to achieve 90 percent recovery with just the physical therapy, this is a more cost-effective solution.

However, health care providers and insurance companies are basing information on potential and probable outcomes because neither option guarantees that the patient will respond to treatment or follow through with physical therapy in the prescribed fashion.

Choosing an Analysis Method When you look at a new program, consider how you should analyze its potential. If you can place a value on all components of the result, you can do a cost-benefit analysis.

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When you are unable to monetize the result, a cost-effective analysis provides some insights into potential success. For example, a day care can create a budget to add a building to its program. The costs, while estimated, are hard costs and become a valid resource to determine overall expenses.

The day care can factor the new capacity for the building, so it knows how many more children it can serve and generate revenue from. This is the basis of a cost-benefit analysis. If the example is not a day care but a government-run after-school program designed to keep at-risk youth off the streets, the costs might be easy to estimate, but the outcome for success isn't.An analysis differs from an evaluation in the following way: An analysis breaks something up into its component parts and examines each part carefully; an evaluation examines how well something measures up to some predetermined standard or how well something achieves a stated (or specified) goal or objective.

Difference Between Strategy & Operational Decisions by Brian Bass, Demand Media The success of a business depends on the decisions made by key personnel in the organization.

However, these individuals can make poor decisions that will be detrimental to the organization. Strategy and operational decisions address different aspects of the organization.

What is the Difference Between a Research Paper and an Essay? Research Paper Researching and expressing other’s points of research to back up their analysis. Essay Usually your point of view Short in length with an average of 5 The literature review is an evaluation of information that is read.

Difference between analysis and evaluation essay

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The Major Differences between Evaluation and Measurement are listed below: 1. While evaluation is a new concept, measurement is an old concept.

2. While evaluation is a technical term, measurement is a simple word. ADVERTISEMENTS: 3.

Difference between analysis and evaluation essay

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