Channillo writing a check

Published March 27, by Suzanna J. Again, Kara, thank you so much for answering my questions. What inspired you to create this site, Channillo?

Channillo writing a check

I began my writing journey just three years ago with a blog I created here on WordPress. Before Channillo writing a check started blogging, I began keeping a daily journal of my writings, and after awhile I decided to start sharing what I had written.

Those original journal entries were a great start, and I ended up really enjoying my first year of blogging. After taking the introductory course in poetry, I started to feel like that was what I enjoyed writing the most, and so I began my journey as a poet, which is what I mostly write nowadays.

And if you like poetry, you can visit my other blog Her Writing Haven to read some of my more recent poems. I began the process of creating my book, by compiling my poems into a software program called Scrivenerwhich was just the sort of program I needed for formatting my book.

After a lot of research, I decided that CreateSpace would be my choice for self-publishing. I could have gone with IngramSpark instead, but the following link explains why I decided to go with CreateSpace first. However, I do plan to use IngramSpark in the very near future because it will allow me to sell my book to a much wider audience.

There are however some things about publishing that nobody bothered to tell me before I started. So these are the kinds of things I wanted to pass on to all of you.

First of all, when I decided to begin the process of publishing a book, I had no idea where to get an example of how to set up the format for one. The good news is, that if you create an account with CreateSpace, you can then go in and download an already prepared MS Word template, which you can then use to format your book.

This number distinguishes your book from every other book in the world, and is required for publishing purposes. And on a side note, you will need a new ISBN for any new revised copy of your book, and for all of the different formats of your book as well.

The PCN is optional, but without it, your book cannot be made available to libraries for purchase. Here is the link to apply for a PCN.

As far as the ISBN goes, I recommend you read this articlebefore you decide what to do about purchasing one. CreateSpace will give you a free ISBN number if you choose, but there are reasons you may want to buy your own.

I think the easiest place to get one these days, is over at Fiverr. However, that was just for a very basic design. For my book, Beneath the CanopyI purchased my book cover through, End2endbooks.

And so there you go… I hope this will be a great resource for any of you who are contemplating the idea of publishing a book in the near future.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone else that you think would benefit from it. Also, I am an affiliate for Scrivener, so if you decide to purchase the program, and want the in-depth classes they offer with it as well, please check out my page concerning all of this, here.

I hope this will be a good starting point for all of you, and if you have any questions, I am always here. Feel free to contact me anytime, by clicking on my contact page listed in the above header.Shortly after finishing my book, I was offered a job with Channillo and began publishing a book of serialized fiction chapters, which can be found at; Since then, I’ve dabbled a bit in short-story writing, inspirational quotes, and travel blogging.

If you’re curious about the world explored in Orope – the White Snake, then check out the wiki, Whisperpedia. There you’ll find information about characters, history, and so much more!

channillo writing a check

There you’ll find information about characters, history, and so much more! Then there's the entertainment aspect of it all: I can't say enough good things about the writerly apsect Stephen King's On Writing, but it's also just a damn good story.

So, the following is a list of what I deem to be required reading for writers. Check out my novel XYZ at” Sometimes I do, because after all, writers support other writers, right?

But it doesn’t often go further than that, because according to my calculations, if I got them all, I’d end up with zillion books and be reading for my next 98 reincarnations. May 22,  · So I’ll be on Channillo, a place where writers write and readers read.

I have a more political thought essay collection there too, called Coffee and Criticisms, which you’re more than welcome to also check out! May 03,  · Thanks to this thread, I'm tackling the whole self-publishing process. Well, not tackling, exactly.

But researching the subject. And good gosh, my head is about to explode.

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