An analysis of the role of virgin mary in catholicism

October 6, by Leave a Comment Evangelical An analysis of the brilliant job weaving in the novel Mr Russell.

An analysis of the role of virgin mary in catholicism

Jun 1st, By David Anders Category: He began with Christ and the apostles, dashed through the book of Acts, skipped over the Catholic Middle Ages and leaped directly to Wittenberg, From Luther he hopped to the English revivalist John Wesley, crossed the Atlantic to the American revivals and slid home to his own Church, Birmingham, Alabama, early s.

Cheers and singing followed him to the plate. The congregation loved it. I grew up in an Evangelical Church in the s immersed in the myth of the Reformation. I was sure that my Church preached the gospel, which we received, unsullied, from the Reformers.

An analysis of the role of virgin mary in catholicism

After college, I earned a doctorate in Church history so I could flesh out the story and prove to all the poor Catholics that they were in the wrong Church. I never imagined my own founder, the Protestant Reformer John Calvin, would point me to the Catholic faith. My Church practiced a pared-down, Bible-focused, born-again spirituality shared by most Evangelicals.


I went to a Christian college and then a seminary where I found the same attitude. Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Charismatics worshiped and studied side-by-side, all committed to the Bible but at odds on how to interpret it.

Disagreements over sacraments, Church structures, and authority were less important to us than a personal relationship with Christ and fighting the Catholic Church.

This is how we understood our common debt to the Reformation. When I finished seminary, I moved on to Ph. I chose Calvin not just because of my Presbyterian background, but because most American Protestants have some relationship to him. My college and seminary professors portrayed Calvin as a master theologian, our theologian.

I thought that if I could master Calvin, I would really know the faith.

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I found him proud, judgmental and unyielding. But more importantly, I discovered that Calvin upset my Evangelical view of history. I had always assumed a perfect continuity between the Early Church, the Reformation and my Church. The more I studied Calvin, however, the more foreign he seemed, the less like Protestants today.

This, in turn, caused me to question the whole Evangelical storyline: Early Church — Reformation — Evangelical Christianity, with one seamless thread running straight from one to the other.

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The seamless thread breaks. And if it could break once, between the Reformation and today, why not sooner, between the Early Church and the Reformation? Was I really sure the thread had held even that far? Calvin shocked me by rejecting key elements of my Evangelical tradition.

Born-again spirituality, private interpretation of Scripture, a broad-minded approach to denominations — Calvin opposed them all. I discovered that his concerns were vastly different, more institutional, even more Catholic.

Although he rejected the authority of Rome, there were things about the Catholic faith he never thought about leaving.

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He took for granted that the Church should have an interpretive authority, a sacramental liturgy and a single, unified faith. These discoveries faced me with important questions. Was he right in thinking them so important?

And if so, was he justified in leaving the Catholic Church?The Blessed Virgin Mary is Our Role Model Catholics recognize and venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God, as the exemplar of redeemed humanity.

Dave Armstrong. I once heard a Protestant pastor preach a "Church History" sermon. He began with Christ and the apostles, dashed through the book of Acts, skipped over the.

An analysis of the role of virgin mary in catholicism

In the Catholic Church, the veneration of Mary, mother of Jesus, encompasses various Marian devotions which include prayer, pious acts, visual arts, poetry, and music devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Popes have encouraged it, while also taking steps to reform some manifestations of it. The Holy See has insisted on the importance of distinguishing "true from false devotion, and authentic. In other cultural contexts, the role of Mary in Catholics' lives is harder, even much harder, to discern.

Even where Mary and the saints may be said to draw the same measure of devotion, the reason for the devotion may differ. O Mary conceived without sin, how I love thee.

Thou art all fair and there is no stain in thee. “They that explain thee shall have life everlasting.”. THE VIRGIN MARY'S ROLE IN SALVATION HISTORY • Documents • Church Doctrine • Documents about Mary From the Annunciation to the Crucifixion of her Son, Mary can be seen as God's ultimate validation of free will.

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