A time of unprecedented instability

But now, after his equating of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with those who oppose them, one Democrat is calling for Trump to be removed from office without the need for a lengthy impeachment process. POTUS is showing signs of erratic behavior and mental instability that place the country in grave danger. Time to invoke the 25th Amendment. Section 4 of the amendment allows for the vice president and a majority of the executive branch to provide a written declaration to the president pro tempore of the Senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives that the president is unable to perform his duties.

A time of unprecedented instability

It contains four Behind the power station are four surge tanks. Downstream of the dam is the Mosul regulation dam, which serves to regulate the tail-waters of the main dam but to generate electricity as well.

A time of unprecedented instability

The hydroelectric plant Mosul 2 has an installed capacity of 62 MW with four Immediately upstream of the dam is the MW pumped-storage power station Mosul 3. It serves as a peaking power station by pumping water to small reservoir above Lake Dahuk, storing it, then releasing the water back down to two reversible-Francis turbines during peak energy usage.

The entire Mosul multi-purpose project has an installed capacity of 1, MW. Inthe Iraq Development Council contracted Koljian American to carry out studies for an irrigation dam at the location.

The studies were completed the next year when Iraq asked the Harza Company to carry out a similar investigation who recommended a different location in A time of unprecedented instability, based on karst foundations for two other recommended locations.

InIraq sought a third opinion from the Soviet Technoprom Export company who recommended a separate site. A fourth company, a Finland firm, Imatran Voima carried out a study in and a fifth company, Geotehnika of Yugoslavia, carried out studies in Based off the findings of all five companies which cited complex foundations, Iraq had a French firm, Soletanch, to carry out in-depth geological studies which occurred between and In the Swiss Consultants Consortium became the official consultants for the dam.

Because the dam was constructed on a foundation of soluble gypsumthe engineers recommended thorough grouting within the foundation before the superstructure was built. Construction was complete in and in the spring ofthe Mosul Dam began to inundate the Tigris Riverfilling the reservoir which submerged many archaeological sites in the region.

The power station began generating power on 7 July Because of significant structural stability issues associated with the Mosul Dam, ongoing grouting and additional construction and repairs are necessary.

InIraq began construction on the Badush Dam downstream which would serve the primary purpose of absorbing and releasing a Mosul Dam flood wave in the event of a breach.

Works were halted in though due chiefly to UN sanctions. Subsequent investigation found nearly dam workers to still be at work nearly a month after pay had stopped being distributed.

ISIL's control of the dam created fears that its power supply could be restricted or that its water flows to downstream areas would be greatly inhibited.

In a less likely scenario, there were worries the dam could be breached, causing widespread flooding and destruction downstream. Continuous maintenance is required to plug, or " grout ", new leaks with a liquefied slurry of cement and other additives.

Between and four sinkholes formed downstream of the dam and a fifth sinkhole developed east of the dam in February that was filled several times. In August another sinkhole developed to the east. Another warns that half a million Iraqis could be killed by floodwaters, and more than a million forced from their homes.The Top 5 Geopolitical Risks for terrorism and grassroots politics will pose an unprecedented challenge to the principles on which the E.U.

was founded. The Saudi kingdom faces a.

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Watch video · Ratified two years later, the amendment offered the country just that. And now, half a century on, the subject of whether President Donald Trump could face a removal from power under its terms is. An overloaded boat with hundreds of desperate migrants capsized and sank off the Libyan coast on Sunday.

April 20, Mohammed Ali Malek — one of two survivors of Saturday’s migrant boat. Editors’ note: The following is a basic primer on what’s happening in Libya. It was updated continuously from February through the beginning of April.


North Korea’s mountain nuclear test site has collapsed, putting China and other nearby nations at unprecedented risk of radioactive exposure, two separate groups of Chinese scientists studying.

Mia Farrow has had a big life.

A time of unprecedented instability

After a childhood in Beverly Hills and London with a movie-star mother, Maureen O’Sullivan, and a writer-director father, John Farrow, she became famous at 19 on.

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