3 day weekends third paragraph

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3 day weekends third paragraph

3 day weekends third paragraph

Saturday, March 21, Day I rescued it from an old floppy disk, and now I present it to the internet for your reading pleasure.

Please spread the word Perhaps it is because the student assumes that an essay, by its very definition, is meant to be formal, cold, lifeless and boring.

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This format, of course, is the five-paragraph essay, or as I like to call it: Now to be fair, wonderful content can be found in many five-paragraph essays; in fact, a master essayist can flourish within the constraints of the five-paragraph form, the way great poets thrive despite the confines of the sonnet.

However, most instructors do not select the format to challenge their pupils; rather many instructors enforce the five-paragraph structure for all the wrong reasons.

Notice how I am nearly at the end of the introductory paragraph? Many instructors request that the thesis be underlined or emboldened or even italicized.

So to be safe, I am going to do all three. Five-Paragraph Essays suck because they have become a crutch for lazy English teachers, they burden the writer and the weary reader with an overly formalistic style, and finally, they do not allow a student to discuss more than three main points.

Somewhere, right this instant, there sits a lazy English teacher. He or she sits at a desk, perhaps staring at his Shakespeare-quote-of-the-day calendar, perhaps thumbing through the first and only twenty pages of an unpublished novel that was started three years ago.

In front of this English teacher is a stack of essays. Talk about an afternoon killer! All this person really wants to do is curl up on the couch, pet multiple cats, drink wine, and spend a sob-filled evening thumbing through the pages of Pride and Prejudice whilst conversing with the ghost of Jane Austen.

So, to save time, many English teachers from the eighth grade all the way up to high school and sometimes beyond force students to write in the five-paragraph essay format. This means that students have a thesis statement clearly marked as I have done mine.

The thesis must be placed in the last sentences of the introduction. It should also map out the three main points that the essay will discuss. From there, the lazy teacher will peruse the body paragraphs, noting grammatical errors or placing enigmatic checkmarks to signify satisfaction; it all depends on how ambitious our pedagogical friend is feeling.

For the most part, the lazy instructor does not make many comments about the ideas expressed, but is more interested in how many sentences per paragraph the student has created.

If there are less than thirteen sentences, the teacher will take out his trusty red pen and mark: Are there five paragraphs? Are there between thirteen and eighteen sentences? Is the thesis statement repeated in the conclusion?

3 day weekends third paragraph

If so, the lazy English teacher can glance over the words, offer no other commentary than a B-plus at the top of the page, and at long last return to sipping a bittersweet cabernet whilst getting misty over Mansfield Park. Secondly, five-paragraph essays burden the writer and the weary reader with an overbearing, formalistic style.

For example, the previous sentence has already been stated in the introduction, yet many proponents of the five-paragraph prison insist upon topic sentences that repeat components from the thesis and its essay map, as if the reader might forget the underlined, italicized, bronzed and emboldened thesis statement.

In addition, the overly formalistic style of the five-paragraph essay is repetitive. Moreover, you may have noticed that every sentence within this paragraph begins with a transitional word or phrase.

Consequently, five-paragraph sycophants insist that every idea would be lost if it not be guided by big, pompous words that are usually originated from several smaller words all squished together. Nevertheless, they are idiots. Subsequently, transitions can become tedious and meaningless.

Indeedibly, I just made that word up to see if you were still paying attention.We’ve plotted 13 three-day weekends from these four hubs to give you a little inspiration. A few rules first, though: You can go by train, plane, or car, but the time spent traveling needs to be.

Overview. By learning to how to use information presented in various types of nonfiction material, students will prepare to use the multitude of expository texts that readers of all ages encounter daily, including newspapers, brochures, magazines, instruction manuals, recipes, and maps.

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Much how “summer slide” disproportionately affects students from low-income families, consecutive three-day weekends could mean more learning loss for less privileged kids.

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Week 3 • • Week 4 DAY 1 Explain to students: This week we will learn to Make Connections. When good readers read, we make a connection to the first paragraph. I was able to make a connection to the second paragraph, though, because I know how people share their feelings.

This connection allowed.

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